Authorised supplier for BTFixed Telephony

As an Authorised Supplier of BT, intelecomm can provide fixed line Solutions for your business. Of course, everyone’s requirements are different and there are plenty of options to choose from whatever the size of your business.

Fixed Lines from BT


A leased line internet access service. BTnet is a dedicated line. You don’t share BTnet with anyone else. That means guaranteed bandwidth, 24/7, unlimited data usage, and no restrictions.
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BT Cloud Voice

Many Businesses are using Cloud technology (VOIP). A flexible phone system that’s hosted in the cloud. It’s simple to set up and really easy to manage. Cloud Voice comes with all the functionality of a traditional phone system. But the big difference is that calls are carried over your internet connection. That means you’ll get more flexibility and better ways to control your costs. And unlike traditional phone systems, there’s less hardware to buy. So you’ll have fewer up-front charges to deal with.
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Broadband from BT

UltraFast Fibre Broadband

Extra speed is there to help your business do more online at the same time. Today, more than ever before, businesses rely on the internet. During a typical working day, everyone’s online at once – connecting devices, downloading files, using cloud apps, watching videos. How would your business be affected if everything slowed down, or even stopped? 
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BT Broadband with 4G Assure

The first and only UK Broadband that can automatically switch to 4G ensuring you will always stay connected.
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